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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SalesMappy?

SalesMappy is a Seller App for Amazon.  It brings out 33+ actionable business intelligence reports for Amazon sellers to efficiently boost their sales, reduce losses and expand market share.

Who can benefit from using SalesMappy?

All Amazon Sellers can benefit from using SalesMappy. It offers a single point of reference for sellers to accurately know their Amazon Account Health, realize accurate daily actions to improve seller performance, identify cash flow, tax liabilities and profitability drilled down to product or specific date range in the past.

How much does SalesMappy cost?

SalesMappy is FREE to begin with. We connect our systems to your Amazon Seller Central account and help you navigate through our sharp business intelligence reports.Static Reports (pdf format) are priced Rs. 300 per month; and Dynamic Reports with live data drill down are valued a little higher.Longer term payment plans reduce prices by upto 60%.

How are the reports shared via SalesMappy?

All your business reports are accessible in a secure password protected client area at  Data is refreshed every day and you can login at your will to draw actionable intelligence to boost your Amazon business.

How do I get started with SalesMappy?

SalesMappy is FREE to begin with.  Book yourself a demo session to understand how exactly does this Seller App for Amazon work to your advantage.  You will immediately get access to a demo working report to appreciate while our servers fetch and process your Amazon Seller Central account information to generate fresh business intelligence.  Normally, it takes 2 days for us to fetch all of your account information and then start serving entire suite of reports every day going forward.

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